Removing the Static



Taking a breather now from my work and remembering a not so distant weekend getaway. Just posting these as a testament of how beautiful my beloved country is despite the onerous issues transpiring here, and how despite emotionally and mentally tiring these past days had been, I’m grateful for the learning curves and the “growing-up” I’m experiencing. :) 


Dear reader, if you, by any chance, want to use the Cabugao images (albeit amateur ones) posted, kindly acknowledge my site. Thanks!


Good morning, Islas des Gigantes


Define ‘aquamarine’


Happy-to-have-an-orange-shell Turtle look. Hehe :)


I’m having an intense conversation with the clouds :)


The entirety of Cabugao (and no filter or editing here!)




With Queen Lean


Effortless for Kuya, effort for me. Hehe :P


Post-struggle. Lol.


Ok…thank you, Kuya Joseph, our photographer/tour guide


Game si Kuya


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I want to remember: My first month


+ I want to remember that I celebrated my first work monthsery with buckets of oyster and platefuls of kilawin (Filipino version of ceviche) with new friends. Afterwards, while walking on our way home, I’m glad that here, I don’t need to worry about traffic and I’m not that fretful about my security.

+ I want to remember that my boss *technically* bought me ice cream, and he and a friend ate most of it. So much for sharing. Hahaha! 

+ I want to remember the PRIDE of having my own place and things. Even if it means uneven bathroom tiles, guerrilla ants, flying bugs, humidity,  and limited house/kitchen ware, I value my marked haven and privacy.

I want to remember the KILIG I felt when I received the treats from the 52 gang. Trainspotting poster is already mounted; LOTR, next! 

+ I want to remember the thoughtfulness of my loved ones back in MNL and other parts of the world– of how  they constantly ask me how I am, their remembrance and efforts to send me “treats,” of being there and supporting me for pursuing this “movement.”

I want to remember the impromptu drinking sessions and the chika in between with my colleagues  (thus me ending in being recruited in a pingpong team tournament).

 I want to remember the aquamarine waters and the pristine sands of the neighboring islands.

+ I want to remember the optimism of my kababayans despite the tragedy that befell them.

+ I want to remember the kindness of locals and colleagues– Sir Eric for reserving Yellow House, Manong Tric Driver for helping me with my lipat bahay, Ate sari-sari store who let me in to the 1.5 red wine tip…anyone and everyone who made my arrival and settling down here quite hassle-free.

I want to remember that first (balcony) chika with an office confidante, of the relief and gratitude I felt that I know I have an ally here.

+ I want to remember the thrill of launching my first project. Crossing my fingers from now until December that things will run smoothly.

+ I want to remember the respite I feel every time I do my laundry. Hahaha! Personal psyche recharging process (since I can’t cook here because I don’t have a proper stove).

+ I want to remember the “success!” moment I felt when I was able to “prove” that I can boil an egg in my small electric water heater. On to the next culinary experiment!

I want to remember going to a pista in a nearby town and feeling so…amused. These simple things…:)

I want to remember that MY INSOMNIA IS MIRACULOUSLY CURED!!! Hello, gift of sleep. I’ve missed you! 

I want to remember that I still have a LOT to learn, but I’m hoping to get traction day by day. Baby steps.

I want to remember that so far, I feel that this work decision is right. At this moment, I am exactly where I am supposed to be.


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